Nyasha Pitt

Chair, Board of Trustees, Coventry Pride (She/Her)

Passionate about diversity and inclusion for all. Gin-lover. Mother of four cats. Sings everywhere.

Dylan Parrin

Vice Chair & Head of Marketing, Coventry Pride (He/Him)

An avid fan of all things tech. Apple fanboy, photographer and massive fan of the hit US TV series Parks and Recreation.

Ellie Jones

Secretary & Trustee, Coventry Pride (She/Her)

Mental Health Support Worker, lover of rainbows and the TV show Friends.

Adam Khan

Adam Khan

Trustee, Coventry Pride (They/Them)

I keep an eye on what’s happening in the local community and beyond, with networks within the LGBT+ community. I help with research and inclusion too.

Adam Simmonds

Adam Simmonds

Trustee, Coventry Pride (He/Him)

He keeps an eye on the behind the scenes governance, risk assessments and other paperwork. As a Triathlete, often found swimming, cycling or running.

Eve Taylor

Trustee, Coventry Pride (She/Her)

Pansexual and Gender Fluid. Gamer, Horror Movie Nerd and Country music fan.

Hannah Graham

Trustee, Coventry Pride (She/Her)

Creative producer and theatre maker. Lover of the countryside, pubs with real fires and cats. Also loves dressing up and taking coffee breaks.

Katie Neeves

Trustee, Coventry Pride (She/Her)

Former Coventry Telegraph photographer Katie Neeves has been a professional photographer and filmmaker for more than 33 years. Katie came out very publicly as transgender and has since become a passionate trans ambassador.

Paul Desson-Baxter

Trustee, Coventry Pride (He/Him)

LGBT+ activist, history buff and sci-fi geek!

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